Anti-Aging Stem Cell Skin Therapy System

The revolutionary CryoStem Skin Therapy System has broken the code for younger-looking skin through cell-to-cell communication. This cell-to-cell communication helps deliver corrective properties by influencing future generations of skin. This process takes place by providing specific nutrients essential for proper DNA synthesis. These constituents include signaling factors (fibroblast), enzymes, peptides, lipids, and minerals; complete collagen matrix all working at a cellular level. Book now and get $50 off your first DNA facial. Want to know more about this truly groundbreaking treatment? Read on…

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells contain flawless DNA information, without any instructions until they become programmed to become a certain type of cell. Once converted to a particular cell, say skin, it is now the first generation that has the best information to program further generations of skin cells. When this first generation of cells are applied to your skin, they send the flawless information to your older, less perfect skin cells, telling them how too become more like them. Don’t worry, the stem cells don’t enter your body, they just lie against your skin  communicating  this wonderful “become young again message”..

 Where Do DNA Cryo Stem Cells Come From?

The DNA CryoStem Cell Facial’s stem cells are harvested from bovine (cow) umbilical cords within the first few weeks of pregnancy. The cows are not harmed and feel no pain, The procedure is like when a doctor takes amniotic fluid from a pregnant patient.

The cows are treated extremely well..; They live on a free-range farm in the French Alps, receive organic feed and are hormone, steroid and antibiotic free. The stem cells are then stored cryogenically, aka frozen. That way they stay alive! Don’t be fooled by other stem cell products that come in a bottle or serum. Ask yourself what living tissue can survive in a bottle?

Anti-Aging Stem Cell Facial

is powerful and effective. It’s 100% natural, FDA approved, clinically proven to enhance collagen growth by 71%, chemical and preservative free. Immediately after your first treatment, there will be a noticeable firming, hydrating, and luminous appearance to your skin. This truly unique treatment restores new life into a dull complexion, visibly lifts slackened skin and gives that elusive and flawless youthful glow. Ideal for any skin type, and perfectly suited to helping with conditions such as fine lines, aging spots, acne, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation. The Anti-Aging Stem Facial lasts 60 minutes call now at 860 -417- 6888 to receive $50 off your first time cryostem cell facial!