Fusio Dose are individualized treatments leaving hair repaired, nourished, shiny, and denser down to the core.  The Fusio Dose is a system of hair injections for a long lasting hair transformation.  There is a treatment for every hair type from damaged to dry, to thinning and lack of discipline.


Can we use only the booster? Or only the concentrate?

  • The Concentres and the Boosters are designed to work together.  Their technologies are complimentary in offering the optimum hair result of maximum efficiency.  Every Fusio-Dose treatment must use one Concentre with one Booster.

How often should we use Fusio-Dose?

  • Since Fusio-Dose has a long term action on the fiber, it is recommended to use Fusio-Dose every two weeks, or at least during every salon visit.  However, it is possible to do multiple Fusio-Dose applications in a condensed time period for a hair “rehab” effect.

Is it imperative to use a fondant or a masque with Fusio-Dose?

  • The Fusio-Dose Hair Lab treatment will leave the hair instantly repaired/denser/nourished/shiny at its core. It is not necessary to use a fondant or masque after rinsing out the treatment, but they can be used to further enhanc e the cosmetic touch of hair.

Can I use Fusio-Dose on the day of hair coloring?

  • Yes.  It is recommended to use the technical shampoo suggested for this particular color service.  there is a great opportunity to use two Fusio-Dose services on the client the day of the color.  Apply Fusio-Dose treatment prior to coloring to prime the hair and then use another treatment post-color (Brilliance) to seal the color and increase shine.  In this way, the Fusio-Dose treatment after coloring the hair acts like a gloss to help improve radiance of the color.

Does Fusio-Dose have any effect on coloring the hair?

  • When hair is very damaged, it is also more porous. usually, ends are the most damaged part of the hair, so the tips absorb hair color much more than the roots which can cause non-homogeneous color.  Using Fusio-Dose before coloring the hair is a very efficient way to treat the hair and reduce its porosity as to better prepare the hair for a color service.  Using Fusio-Dose post-color will help boost the radiance, softness and shine of the hair.