“Just for Him” Men’s Treatments!

Men’s Treatments are specifically created to answer the needs of a man’s skin, hair, and body.
This particular program offers a professional, exclusive and tailor made solutions for men where you can enjoy
all the benefits of spa and hair services in an environment totally catered to the male gender.

Men’s Facials

Gentlemen’s Essential Facial Treatment 75 min $135

A totally energizing facial that uses the power of volcanic rock for its rich magnesium
content to boost and detoxify a man’s skin. This treatment combines relaxation and
efficiency for more resilient skin with an impeccable complexion.


Men’s Hair Services

Cut & Style 25
Beard Trim 10
Shape Up 10
Color or Grey blending 50


Swedish Body Massage            60 min $80

A full body massage created to relieve tension and soothe sore, aching muscles by utilizing Swedish massage techniques of long flowing strokes of varying pressure to help you relax and unwind.

Deep Tissue Massage                   60 min $90

A full body massage concentrating deep within the muscle fiber to relieve tension.  An intense massage using deep pressure on specific muscle groups. Specifically designed for those who are very physically active or have sustained pain within a particular area.

Sports Massage                              60 min $90

Sports Massage assists in stretching, range of motion, stress relief, and will aide in healing.

Warm Stone Massage                  60 min  $100

Experience this deeply relaxing treatment as muscles are warmed with smooth river stones.  Breathe and let go as gentle heat and massage melt away stress and tension.