On April 10th, our luxurious skin care line, Sothys of Paris, hosted a seminar to launch their new “Anti-Aging Youth Serums.” For more than 70 years Sothys has brought advanced skin care to customers exclusively through spas around the world, and their new product line is beyond what we expected. Sharon Zilahy, owner of Refresh Spa and Salon and Refresh esthetician, Michel Esandrio, were lucky enough to attend the event presented at the beautiful Norwich Spa. A representative from France was on hand, and was there to explain and demonstrate the products for us.

The Sothys company has produced six new serums targeting specific skin concerns which are designed to work on their own or can be layered. The layering technique is used widely in Korea and China by applying more than one product for individual problem areas. Sothys’ amazing serums are so light weight in texture that using one, or more than one, leaves your face residue free. The serum line consists of “Wrinkle Specific” with Exopolysaccharides, “Firming Specific” with copper peptides, “Detoxifying Anti-Free Radical” with Green Tea EGOG, “Perfect Shape” for neck contouring with Peptides M3.0, “Unifying” for youth, with Resvertol tetramers, and “Reconstructive” with Vitamin/Omega complex. Free of heavy perfumes, and using botanical extracts, this line far exceeds all others. We are thrilled to be able to offer these new serums to you, along with the original Sothys line!