Holidays and Maintaining Your Healthy Lifestyle

With the Holiday quickly approaching, you may realize you seem to have less and less time to continue your fitness program or are indulging in more sweets.  This is the hardest time of the year but here are some tips from Certified Personal Trainer, Marissa.

  1. Schedule your fitness routine where you know you have time, whether it is in the morning or on your lunch break from work or school.  Make a set schedule and plan ahead for anything that might interfeer and plan around that.  Also, grab a workout buddy.  This could be a friend, family member, or just someone who wants to work out with a partner; this helps with motivation and assists you to stay on track with your program.

  2. For holiday meals, control your portions. You can do this by using a smaller size plate and ensure you have more greens and protein on your plate rather than sweets.  And as for those desserts, a sliver goes a long way!

  3. Provide healthy options for dinner/lunch. If you are preparing a meal for the holidays, give your friends and family the “healthy option”.   This could be a side dish, main dish, or appetizer.

  4. Start planning what you want to improve on to make changes for the New Year! If you are someone who likes to set New Year’s resolutions, start planning and preparing. If you want to go to the gym and start a fitness program, start doing research on a fitness facility and get a membership.  The best option when starting a new program is to meet with a Personal Trainer.  If you aren’t comfortable working out on your own yet, a personal trainer is a great way to learn, receive motivation, and have a set plan and goal in mind.  New Year’s comes quick and everyone will be trying to get a membership all at once, START EARLY AND AVOID THE WAIT.

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