The Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial

If you are looking for a breakthrough and innovative skin treatment, the Ultimate Refresh Lift may be the answer for you. This revolutionary system delivers unmatched hydration, firming, facial muscle toning and collagen stimulation. Radiance is restored leaving your skin softer, firmer and with a glow as it erases the signs of aging.

The Ultimate Refresh Lift delivers the unique combination of micro-current, light therapy, and Cryo Stem Cell for the most effective facial.  This comprehensive facial begins with a thorough cleansing after which the facial muscles are gently toned.  Based on the principals of acupuncture (without needles), The Ultimate Ant-Aging Facial utilizes specific frequencies and wavelengths of micro-current and light therapy,  energizing  facial skin and muscle cells. This pleasant and painless treatment is without downtime, powerful drugs or surgery.  Finally, the application of pure DNA live Cryostem serum actually bonds to the skin, programming completely new skin growth. Existing skin will replicate the condition of the applied new cells, making it just as flawless. This biological reprogramming creates the perfect environment for future generations of fresh and younger skin. Studies show an unmatched 71% increase in skin cell fibroblasts.

Most guests will notice an immediate improvement while feeling more relaxed, calm and a sense of well-being.  Best results are achieved when done as a series. Packages are available.