We are excited about sharing with you our Microcurrent LED Pulse Light machine, which provides a non-surgical, anti-aging facial treatment! This advanced piece of equipment has been compared to as, a face lift without the surgery, the needles, and harmful side effects. It is an alternative to Botox and fillers. Similar to exercising our body muscles, our Microcurrent LED Pulse Light Machine exercises the facial muscles.

It is a safe and extremely effective way to look years younger without pain and discomfort. It simply uses microcurrent and pulsations of different color lights, which our estheticians choose specifically for you skin needs . The lights stimulate and tighten facial muscles.

Since all bodily functions are governed by electrical systems, this amazing machine benefits not only your face, but your body system as a whole.

While strengthen face and neck muscles, it also improves skin texture, color, and tone. By promoting cellular metabolism, it improves acne and stimulates natural collagen and elastin production. It lifts and opens drooping eyelids while reducing puffiness, bags and sagging, and reduces and smooths visible lines and wrinkles.

The light probes are held on acupuncture points so that you are not only getting the benefit of looking younger, but the ELR machine treatment also promotes a feeling of well-being. It does this by using color on chakras which decreases stress held in the body and increases relaxation and self-esteem.

Our clients who have been treated have given their feedback saying that they not only look years younger but had an overall feeling of increased energy and joy! Tis treatment is perfect to do prior to any special upcoming event or to just look amazing every day.

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